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Thread: Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker for PS3 via PC is Now Released

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    syphonlord Guest
    No it is not.. The purpose for this patch blocker, was just to enable users of mw2 to use current glitches and exploits in the game without having to update, which would most likley disable them. whether this works with other games or not remains to be seen.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    There is also a new app from that guy, his Preview for the "My Xbox to PS3 Converter".

    Let's wait and see how good these things are.

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    Karas Guest
    This seems to be for stopping patches for ps3 games so you can still pay them online. But i really don't understand how it could be used on a non-jailbroken ps3. Maybe it could be useful sometime in the future, when the jailbreak can work on newer firmware.

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    jackpollack Guest
    It works on non-jailbroken PS3's because the program runs on a PC. Not very useful for jailbroken ones since they can't connect to PSN yet.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great app for online players, not for JB ones!

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    robertuswe Guest
    not needed this program, sorry man but just disable internet connection on ps3 and it's done, no updates popup...

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    JW117 Guest
    This is only for blocking gamepatches like mw2 and play online with other players that bypass, I'm using anon proxy server it never signs you out from psn as well.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Does that still work?? I cant get it to run on 3.41

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    Sterist Guest
    this is good news. whenever a maintainer of a game releases a game patch to "fix" glitches in games, we can still get online and use the glitches while others can't!!!

    oh god... this makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

    the only way to prevent people from doing this while using the patch-blocker would be server-side patches.

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    atlask2 Guest
    Good job Gunner

    Sorry to see someone leak your work ...

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