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Thread: Edge Magazine Gets Edged Out With Killzone 2 Review for PS3

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    Edge Magazine Gets Edged Out With Killzone 2 Review for PS3

    Edge was always a magazine I like reading no matter what kind of reviews they dish out, their perspectives are so well written that it's pretty easy to negate everything else that they offer.

    Did their Killzone 2 review push everyone against them, although I do not quite agree with the them, since they have given both Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 a 9 and 10 respectively.

    The point is not about justification in an opinion but maintaining a minimum level of consistency and fairness with all their reviews which is a rather impossible task to achieve with the enormous amount of revenues flowing from one publication to another.

    Videogame companies have made reviews a mandatory tool to push their own opinion to consumers, rather than providing an honest outlook for games, this field of argument is not restricted just for Edge, but for all major gaming publications who operate in the gaming industry.

    It would be rather unnatural to assume that these big companies/publications have a stake in the game itself. Fanboyism makes this proposition even worse, in addition to the large big huge corporations, the pressure of being ignored completely by a particular community also hangs precariously over the heads of these journalists.

    EGM was one of the most influential magazines in the history of gaming, these guys bore through all accusations to emerge as a top brand in gaming, fans often burned effies of hate mail directing all the ire of the early death of the Dreamcast and the lousy review patterns for N64 games, during such a tumultuous age they were branded as PS fanboys.

    Majority of this editorial team was carried forward to the era of the PS2, and once again they were accused of biasing their reviews to the leading console. This generation they were blatantly accused of 360 favoritism(even though its far from the leader).

    The point I somehow do not understand is if they were so pro all the leaders of each generation and amassed a huge amount of funds from each winner, I do not think there was a need to shut down such a popular and successful magazine and lay off some of the most revered names in the industry.

    Coming back to the EDGE issue at hand, I just feel that it entices a lot of gamers who would want to pick the profession of how to look at games in the most stringent manner, it's an extremely easy task to give the game a 10 or a 9.5 ,even while outlining its most glaring obscurities, but the principle of ethics based reviews become a rather debatable option and that's where a publication like Edge with its defining views hits everyone.

    For an individual often reviewing a game means balancing a whole lot of equations in terms of access to resources from different companies for their next issues.

    A positive Killzone 2 might make it all that easier to get an exclusive insight into a much awaited game title and please the simmering fanboys ever ready to strike or a negative review of the game might actually have the power to build up a brand such as EDGE and their dedication of keeping videogames a sustainable environment, but in the middle inconsistencies such as with Halo 3 and Gears 2, which I personally feel were worthy of an 8 and 7, makes the Killzone 2 review a vexed object in my books.

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    Im really tired of magazines and online reviewers such as IGN giving high scores to games that dont deserve them, credibility is just going down the crapper and the worst part of all is we costumers are the affected. All this hype over some games lets say mirrors edge, resistance 2 and many others push us costumers into buying games that are really only okay and thats when we get lucky because some games are just horrible.

    Games need to be reviewed accordingly no matter the hype and do it objectively. Ive played a lot of games this last year and I have to say a lot of them were disappointments. From now on I think its best to let the game come out and wait a month or two and check the reviews from actual costumers in order to avoid cashing out hard earned money for games that are not worthy of. The only thing left to say is..

    To reviwers such as xplay, IGN and others dont sell to game publishers you have a job to do and if you stop doing your job soon you will be out of business dont fool the costumer, money and time is something we appreciate, please dont rob us from our money or our time, I would like to play something that is good on my spare time and not lose my time over a so-so game. I look at your reviews and take it with a grain of salt because you keep pumping the reviews.

    To the developers, please listen to your fans we are the ones buying your games, if we ask for cooperative games online and offline do it, make your games well balanced sometimes a little less is a lot more than the other way around. Just look at the forums and youll get the answers you are looking for, update your games with free stuff and make us feel our money is really well spent and do it fast, updates should come regularly until your product is well balanced and fun to play.

    To sony, microsoft and nintendo, give us the classics we are willing to pay for, just pay attention and price your products accordingly we are willing to pay for it just listen to us, give us what we want is that so hard to do? Youll get 90% of the things right just by reading 20 minutes on any forum you like because most of us want the same from your products.

    To developers, reviewers and corps: Please treat us with respect and value our time I really hate to be fooled and one day we will get tired of you.

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