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    Ebays why I wont get a PS3 on launch day :(

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    If you search Playstation 3 preorder or just playstation 3 and look around a bit you will find out why so many of us with full wallets and a thirst for gaming will be left empty handed Nov. 17th

    There are pre order slips already selling on ebay for over $1,500 USD and some will probably go higher then that. Thats not even saying for sure wether or not you actually have to pay for the console either, people could be paying that much for the right to buy the console :??

    Damn ebay

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    Pretty simple economics. Some people value the time they would spend waiting in line less than the money. And those people buy off ebay. It makes sense too, if your a person making 200$ an hour, wasting 48 hours in line would be a waste for you and assuming your services are worth the 200$, making you wait in line for 48 hours would be a waste to society too. Likewise, slinky values his 48 hours equal to the profit he expects to make off ebay. If you made a law saying that PS3s cannot be resold, society's combined utility would be drastically less.

    Yay Econ 301!
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    I will be waiting for a while before even buying a ps3 until the price comes down and if any bugs arise in the first batch then maybe a few batches down the road sony should have them ironed out.

    Then i will scoop a ps3 forsure.

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    I dont think anyone on this fourm has ever made even half that amount of money per hour lol. But I do get your point.

    See sony does this to themselves, now the PS3 will only be had by the richest and the average every day joe wont get one. For me, that means I'll wait but im seriously now tempted to look at other areas of the competition. The Wii is a very cheap alternative, but the 360 begins to look better and better each day being that its already cheaper and they are a year ahead of the competition. If anyone remembers the atari lynx, then you know that quality means nothing... the gameboy outsold the lynx and that is just an insult. A backlight machine leaps ahead of the original gameboy and it cant keep up.

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    Well, like football tickets (World Cup 06) got banned for being sold on eBay, if Sony bother to report to eBay, or users, then they might ban PS3 sales in the beginning, or at least the selling of a pre-order ticket/voucher.

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    Their are enough ways around it for it not to matter. Back when blizzard started the whole you cant sell gold deal, people just sold inexpensive items like a tooth pick that came with a free gift of WoW gold lol. One expensive tooth pick, but a damn nice gift to make up for it.

    Plus most of them word it so that it would seem their selling the unit once they get it, not the actuall voucher.

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    Big Grin hummm...

    i won't get one til they come up with a swap magic disc or something similar...hehehehehe...got to luv those swaps !

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    Blu-Ray discs cost $20.00 a piece and I have no clue what a Blu-ray burner would cost, but $300.00 plus would be my guess. Bottomline, you need to dump these games onto the HD and play them with some kind of HD-loader. Even for that, you'll need the 60GB hard drive, since Blue-ray holds up to 50 Gigs. In the end, you'll probably need 2 hard drives.

    What I'm saying, basically, is forget about a ps3 mod chip. You'd be better off just buying the games. And, whether they'll admit it or not, this is the main reason why Sony went with Blu-ray in the first place.

    Still, I gotta believe that the hard drive thing will be cracked eventually. Sony should have kept their harddrives under 50GB. Oh well. Good for us. Bad for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumas1000 View Post
    Blu-Ray discs cost $20.00 a piece and I have no clue what a Blu-ray burner would cost, but $300.00 plus would be my guess. Bottomline.
    I wish it was that cheap as the Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-Ray DVD Burner goes for $995.00.

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    Also, in the future bluray discs will be up to 200gb.


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