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    Ebay Ps3 Auctions

    Does it seem to anyone else that the out of control shill bidding a la PS2 is not being controlled at all by Ebay on the PS3 auctions? When PS2 was first on ebay they were like $1500 in all shill auctions but legitimate auctions were for about $500. I know becuase I sold 4 day one PS2's when it was released and the last one I sold for $475 less than a week after it came out. Well It seems some PS3's are being shill bid up to $4000. of course these could be legitimate first time buyers on ebay but myself personally would never sell an auction item to anyone with less than 5 feedback especially for that find of money.

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    Related news:

    Ebay announce restrictions on PS3 sales (but only limited to ebay ireland by the looks of it!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebay
    ***Listing restrictions for pre-sale Sony PlayStation 3 consoles and games***
    16 November, 2006 | 02:18PM GMT
    We wanted to let you know about some restrictions that will be placed on pre-sales of the Sony Playstation 3 console and games. To protect the whole eBay community, sellers will not be permitted to list PlayStation 3 consoles and games on until the authorised European pre-sales period begins in February 2007. Once the official pre-sales period has begun, will also be asking sellers to comply with the following requirements: 1. You may only offer one PlayStation 3 console.
    2. If you are pre-selling a console, your listing must comply with our Pre-Sale Listings Policy. You must guarantee that the item will be available for dispatch within 30 days of the date it is listed on
    3. You must offer PayPal as the only payment option. The item must qualify for PayPal Buyer Protection.
    4. You may only offer a PlayStation 3 console that you obtained within the EU. PlayStation 3 consoles obtained outside of the EU cannot be listed on
    5. Your listing must include a photo of your purchase or pre-order receipt. We recommend that you block out any personal information such as credit card numbers on the receipt to make sure that they arenít visible on the photo.
    Our top priority is to ensure that eBay remains a safe and reputable place to buy and sell. Please be aware that we may take action against your account if your listing doesnít comply with these guidelines.

    The team

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    After readin this, am i gooing to be in trouble if i bring my PS3 to The Netherlands ( thats in Europa guys )

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    no way. You didn't buy it from a website. You bought it while you were overseas

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    There have been PS3's on ebay go for:


    And I bet they go even higher on "L Day". The average "non insane" bid is somewhere in the low three thousand area, I'm ebaying mine off for damn sure.

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    Wow... if those prices end up being the 'norm' tomorrow, I may not even open my PS3. I can pay off a truck loan with $10-15K easy!

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    Wow! some people have some serious cash! I only paid about $880 for mine. I couldn't afford to pay $2000 or more. Maybe I should ebay mine off.

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    Is anyone worried about half the world doing this with the PS3s and then the prices have to drop? Just seems like everywhere I turn I hear, "ebaying the PS3 for sure"? Just a thought

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    That's a good point, i heard on the news that out of 54 or so people in line in front of a store only 12 had the intentions of buying them for use. What will the official release do to these ebay prices? My buddy watched some go for $4,000 today on ebay which is absolutely ridiculous. If you get one, you're carrying a sweet HDTV and the patience of knowing you'll be playing your ps3 on it in a few months.

    Makes me wonder if the Wii will be worth standing in line for and pulling the ebay trick. My buddy's pretty into the idea but i'm still skeptical about if it would even be worth it.

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    Ya, I read that there was a shooting somewhere in the US over some PS3 disputes. People are loco just because of the price.

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