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    If you took a look yesterdday maybe not today but the systems going for $4000 were shill bidded, while a legitimate auction including 3 games went for $1500. I watched them for about 30 minutes and several shill bidded ones went for $3500-4500 while the only legitimate bid auction went for $1500.

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    i plan on putting mine on ebay very soon and hope that legitmate sales are around 2 hoping for the best

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    Its just funny how much money Sony is loosing and how much more money Ebay and the customer is gaining. The tides will turn drastically though when manufacturing costs go way down.

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    There are some sources saying that the reason for the decreased amount of PS3's sent to stores is because Sony held onto them and are now selling them on eBay so they can actually make some money on them!

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    Ok its weird i was watching one on ebay went to $9100 both my bro and i saw. refreshed went down to $8100? Then went for $9000. I've also have some on watch then ebay says they took them off? R they violating? What's L day? I am ebaying my 20gb that was a safety net just incase my 60gb didn't come. It's going on sat night at 8pm and ending 8pm sunday. So theres going to be people online looking even after the wii is launched. U think the wii's worth it? The manager the walmart i was at was the coolest and told us he has 30 wii's right now.

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    I dont see any reason Wii's are even getting bids at ebay right now there are several retailers that I bet will not sellout of it on Launch day. Or if they do will not have a high demand for more that day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makere View Post
    That's because Nintendo knows how to make a release... instead of few other companies we know... *glare at sony and m$*
    Indeed, a friend of mine studies in the USA at the moment and she earns some extra cash at best buy, the only got 6 "real" PS3, and a stunning 55 Wii

    55 PS3, i think the shop wil get a total of 55 PS3 in like four shipments XD

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    wii = old tech so its easy to produce. 360/PS3 new, so yield are still not perfect

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    notice the PS3 is already down to $1000-$1500 today and its only day 2.

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    Ya... I think due to there being like 20,000 on E-Bay it's plummeting fast. I guess I'm glad I didn't get an extra PS3 to sell after all.

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