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    RexVF5 Guest

    Lightbulb Easier and improved method to bypass version check in PSN/[email protected]


    On this forum I have read the way to overcome the firmware version check. However the guide is confusing and in my opinion bit overcomplicated for the aimed target. It requires setting up 2 things to work: Ettercap (or some DNS spoofer) and WEB server.

    Also the method is too heavyweight and not very reliable: if (for any reason) your PS3 asks any other file from the firmware hosts the whole thing will fail as you do not have them.

    So I decided to simplify and improve it a bit. My approach is using a HTTP proxy to fool PS3 - so the first improvement is that you only need to setup one program. I used Proxomitron that is free but specific for Windows (and no longer developed but suits nicely). There is an open source alternative Proximodo that should work cross-platform but I haven't tested it.

    So let's get back to the thing. The idea is to run all the communication through Proxomitron (it is HTTP proxy so there should be no problem) unchanged. Only when PS3 asks about available version, we'll forge the answer the way we want. Proxomitron supports this nicely and it can even be done more than 1 way but the easiest one is like this: when someone asks for the version file we'll return the spoofed one residing on our filesystem (i.e. second and third improvement: no need to setup web server and we only spoof this very specific file - all the rests comes unchanged from original servers).

    Here's how the rule looks like:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    See what this means? For any OUTgoing request to *ANY* of the update sites (without the need to list them one by one) for version check file we'll just return the file stored on local filesystem (in my config it's C:\ps3-updatelist.txt). Easy as that. You can get a working content of such file from here for example:

    I have tested this and could setup a PSN account with 2.00 firmware and System update says I have the latest version To make it easier for you I have prepared config file that has everything required enabled (all the other rules are disabled). It is configured to accept connections from any IP address and listens on port 8080. So what you need to do is just:


    Here's the default.cfg file contents (I removed all the default rules that we do not need):

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Gave ya some Rep Points.. cool guide RexVF5!

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    RexVF5 Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    You just need to provide correct path to the .pkg in the second part of the rule.

    Also, some user posted that actual version check for [email protected] is located at http://deu01.ps3.download.playstatio...h/updtinfo.cui However I didn't manage to make [email protected] work with 2.01 firmware.

    He posted the the check is passed but then Proxomitron stumbles on accessing "www.k2.cbe-world.com:443" That is SSL port and Proxomitron doesn't support that out-of-the-box. You need to get SSLeay files for it - read on Proxomitron site.

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    spanik Guest
    excellent tutorial RexVF5 , very easy to read/understand ; will try this tonight


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    ProsaCC Guest
    Thank you for this simple tutorial, works great on 1.50 EUR PS3

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    PeiXePT Guest
    Great Tutorial and very simple! Works on 1.94 EU.

    Just a little warning: dont forget to config Windows Firewall (or other Firewall) to allow Proxomitron... ive lost 10min with a noob mistake

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    Zoddi Guest
    i read through this last days and played on the ps3 between... my only question: why don't we just use the good old ps3 proxy server by cf3b5 and everything still works over [email protected] (on 2.01). i don't see the advantage of that method explained above

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    RexVF5 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoddi View Post
    i read through this last days and played on the ps3 between... my only question: why don't we just use the good old ps3 proxy server by cf3b5 and everything still works over [email protected] (on 2.01). i don't see the advantage of that method explained above
    You're free to do so :-) When I was putting this method together I didn't know about ps3proxy - only method with DNS server and WEB server was known to me. I do not claim this is the best method out there and you should stop using anything else - it's provided here as an alternative.

    I haven't used ps3proxy but form what I read you need to click here and there etc (but maybe I'm wrong). This is universal method that can be used many ways and once setup it just works in background. Also it allows pretty flexible things in terms of wildcards - I mean you can forward all *.ps3.update.playstation.net/update/ps3/list/eu/ps3-updatelist.txt somewhere. You could even go further and do something like this:

    *.ps3.update.playstation.net/update/ps3/list/*/ps3-updatelist.txt which would work for just anyone. So you'd spare all the newbies finding the correct URLs, wondering what's wrong, etc.

    The long story short - if you like it, use it to your benefit. If not, just leave it as it is.

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    Zoddi Guest
    sorry if it sounds like that but i was really no critics behind my post.
    think it is a benefit for the community to present them a way to pass around the update.
    was only wondering because that method seems to me much more work than other methods.

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    onelargeprawn Guest
    Props to you RexVF5! Worked like a charm

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