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    Angry Ea Sports Tech Support Are Morons

    All started on Tuesday..... 1pm ride to wal-mart to buy NASCAR 08 for the ps3.... get home and play a few laps offline to get warmed up and then attempt, again i stress attempt to connect online and BAM!!!! EA servers are not available at this time. i look in the manual to see which ports need be open to play (they only list 2 ports, 3659 and 6000 (p2p and voip respectivly).. still nothing happens so i call the gloriuos tech support and they give me a list of 7 ports that need to be open so ok cool i hang up and open the ports, still nothing but the same error so next i go and put the PS3 in the DMZ zone (all ports wide open) and still nothing so i give up till wednesday after work.

    second call they tell me its my isp not letting ps3 online (as i try to expliain i can play ANYTHING ELSE I WANT ONLINE, view web pages and browse ps store) so i hang up and call isp, they verify every thing is open correctly. thursday didnt bother too pissed off.. not to today the first of 3 calls resulted in them accusing the ps3 of having a corrupt network file, and to call sony for help, didnt think it was that but i called anyway.

    i heed anyone considering buying this game to rent it and see if it screws you as it screws me over and over, and what ever happened to the days when tech support people actually knew more than how to read off the screen... if anyone else is having a similar problem let me know and if u have a fix PLEASE share it.

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    Thats pretty sad when all your other games work online but this one won't.

    The worst part is that Nascar 08 got bad reviews and is supposedly very stripped down. I mean you don't even get any kind of video celebration if you win the chase! How lazy do you get EA?

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    I don't know, but that sounds exactly like the experiences I've had with tech support in general. Basically, "we don't know, call someone else", repeat.

    Too bad about the game. Sounds like I'm not missing out on too much by not buying it.

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    Its actually not a bad game at all (controls are way too sensitive tho) graphics are done well. only real gripe was the online issues, and at the time of this post i still cant play online. But thats should have been expected with the unreliability of any EA server. I mean Nascar 07 for the PS2 is being run on the same servers as the 1,000,000 people playing on pogo (not the brightest idea ive seen so far) ill just hope they get it right before i throw it on ebay.

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    EA is a bunch of robots running on auto.

    EA was once good but has since sold it soul to the mighty dollar. All across the board there games are going down hill fast the are no more than a financial rapper for smaller game companies.

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