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Thread: E3 2009: Sony Finally Unveils PS3 Motion-sensing Controller

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    E3 2009: Sony Finally Unveils PS3 Motion-sensing Controller

    Sony has finally shown off its potential Wii remote beater. They have demo'd a stick-like pad that has a 'magic ball' on the end, which is then picked up by the PlayStation Eye.

    Jack Tretton claims it is the closest thing to real life on the market.

    They are aiming for spring 2010 launch, and the prototype of the new controller showed a glowing sphere on the end of the stick. PS Eye tracks it.

    The demonstration showed 1-to-1 motion control. On the screen, the controller became a racket in the guy's hand, changing into various other bits and bobs, such as swords and guns.

    It has true 3D pointing too, and if you change angles to the camera it'll notice. In FPS mode, you can move and shoot but, will sometimes need buttons.

    The ability to use two controllers is there as well, and with one in each hand you can play with building blocks, paint, use a sword and shield and fire virtual arrows.

    When you move the camera follows you, should you drop down on one knee, for example.

    To quote: The prototype of the unnamed device was demo'd live on-stage by its creators. The stick-like pad - which has a 'magic ball' on the end - is held in the gamer's hand, and then picked up by the PlayStation Eye.

    SCEA boss Jack Tretton called it: "Technology that's much closer to real life than anything you've ever seen."

    Creators Dr. Richard Marx and Dr. Antony Mikhaeloff took to the stage to show the device off.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Phreakuency Guest
    I sold my rarely used Wii and don't see the 360 Natal being used for 'real' games but this was slightly more impressive.

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    chrykel Guest
    I cant wait to use it!

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    one2 Guest
    definitely more impressive than project Natal, but weren't similar demos shown last E3? As well, this seems like economic consumer version of MoCap tech.

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    sivallakos Guest
    ok so sony made the playstation eye. nintendo took the idea on the next level with their controller and after that microsoft come to copy once again actually it's the only thing gates knows how to do well. and finally sony shows once again why it has the best console on the market although i doubt that this public presentation of the controller would have been made if microsoft didn't release the video of natal project.

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    Mike85 Guest
    Both Natal and this were impressive, im just curious to see how Natal works in a real living room.

    I have a feeling the camera may get a bit confused i a real living room where kids who are not playing keep moving in and out of view as well as the 'player' being closer to a background than they were on stage at E3. This could make the person harder to define.

    As silly as the glowing balls look at least you know the camera will only track them, and it could track them even in the dark.

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    fmbaig21 Guest
    this is nice, but depends what kind of games and price.

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    twitch Guest

    Big Grin

    Hahaha anyone notice the im in the background that goes off and flashes on screen?

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    Aeonin Guest
    This is great technology (though the presenter is far too interested in fire spells and such), but I think its too little too late with the PS3. With how little they support the playstation eye and singstar - I really doubt they will be supporting this technology any time soon.

    If they do want to survive the next console cycle however, they should invest in some Natal type technology. Not necessary because it works so well - but because the hype for that is through the roof. Everyone around me talks about the natal, however I haven't heard one person about the ball wand for Sony. Its all about the hype.

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