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    E3 2009: Crysis 2 is Maxing Out the PlayStation 3 Console

    The CEO of Crytek Cevat Yerli has indicated that Crysis 2 is pretty much maxing out the PS3 console.

    He noted a performance analysis that showed the occupation of all the CPUs, the Cell and GPUs were at the limit... adding that there really isn't much more you can do!

    To quote: Talking in the wake of the announcement that EA would be publishing Crysis 2, Yerli said that "The interesting thing is we did run a performance analysis on the PS3 devkit, and you know the funny thing is the occupation on all the CPUs, the Cell and the GPUs, is pretty much - the needle is at the limit."

    Here, he was implying that Crysis 2, running on the company's new CryEngine 3 would almost max out the PS3's abilities. "There's not much more you can do," he added, "and frankly the breakthrough was very recent, and otherwise we would've had a compromised strategy on the consoles, which we don't have now.

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    It'd be funny if Crysis 2 generated black holes it was using so much power lol.

    Anyway Maybe the PS3 will finally get a port that looks better then the 360.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
    It'd be funny if Crysis 2 generated black holes it was using so much power lol.
    that what they say, ps3 can create 4d graphics lol

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    there are so much games that look just as good as the cryengine 3 which use less resources... hrm... its just how cryengine is built resource hog.

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    A multiplatform game that uses all of the PlayStation 3's resources. Doesn't look good. Unless of course it's released, looking better than it's counterpart.

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    it not so powerfull like i was thinking..

    PS4 come to papa

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