[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3296877[/IMGW]Keen-minded 1UP readers may remember hearing talk of a Japanese gametitled Gundam Musou on both The 1UP Show and 1UP Yours. A nearly PlayStation 3 release in Japan, this game mixed together two ofthat territory's top-selling video game franchises: the giant mechs of Namco Bandai's Gundam series and the fast-paced, button-mashing gameplay of Koei's Dynasty Warriors. No surprise then that it did very well, becoming the first PS3 title to sell over 100,000 copies on its release day in Japan.

It's unclear if it will do as well when it hits North America late this summer as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. The biggest change from the Japanese release is that it will be coming out on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Other than that it will be the same attack-button-tapping action gamers have come to expect from the Dynasty Warriors series. Namco Bandai Executive Vice President and COO Makoto Iwai had these comments:

"Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM is the result of a monumental collaboration between two great companies. This partnership extends far beyond the title's development and encompasses all disciplines including marketing, sales and promotions in order to bring this unique title to North America. Featuring interstellar environments and unmatched warrior battles, gamers will understand why Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM is the must have game for the Fall."

Bizarrely intriguing? Sure. Must-have? We'll see about that.

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