Update: NoxOm has now shared with us a video of what he states could be a Possible "Hello World" PS3?! To quote from his post: "I had this idea from the RFOM exploit, so I tried with few PS3 games but nothing.. So I started to think about the PS2 Format Disc and I found out something really interesting with GTA: San Andreas. I start the game and I immediately eject, then I put the disc inside again and after the PlayStation 2 logo I eject it again and the PS3 just remains with a black screen and the controller doesn't work. When you push the PS button, it pops out a wide white line. If you press the ON/OFF button something goes off and then immediately the PS3.. No more Hypervisor? No more problem with the RSX?.. Who knows!"

On this nice Sunday afternoon, HackITandC has shared with us a DVD Region Check Bypass Sample For PS3. To quote from the ReadMe file:

Hi friends, on continuing my tests I have come to the conclusion that the region checks (for dvd movies) are NOT hardware encoded and are just simple disc checks!

Ie: If you put a PAL dvd movie into your NTSC ps3 it will not play (due to the disc checks), the SAME PAL .VOB file will play fine if you copy it into /VIDEO folder and rename it to .mp4

So what we see here is that a PS3 will play ANY region movie REGARDLESS of firmware!

I will look into the disc checks further and post back when i have more details!

For now enjoy! Here is a sample file which WILL play in ANY ps3 !! IF you copy this file to a DVD disc it will NOT play on an NTSC machine!!

Those interested can share their feedback in our ongoing Pal/NTSC region checks, my findings... Forum thread and enjoy!

PSP Files: SCEP v1.7a For 3.40 OE USB Preview 4 For PSP, Chrono Cross PSX (NTSC-U) Disc Change Fix For PSP, Yet Another CSO Compressor v0.3.9.1 For PSP, Ico Applicator For PSP, FlashMod v3 Final For PSP, XMB Theme Cycler Manager v0.5 For PSP, Driver76 (EUR) 512MB Italian r1 PSP RipKit, Crush (EUR) 80MB PSP RipKit, Crush (EUR) 216MB PSP RipKit, Crush (EUR) 310MB PSP RipKit, Crush (EUR) 329MB PSP RipKit, Legend Of The Dragon (USA) 150MB PSP RipKit, Bleach: Heat The Soul 4 (JAP) 526MB PSP RipKit, Bleach: Heat The Soul 4 (JAP) 593MB PSP RipKit, Cube (USA) 52MB PSP RipKit, Exit 2 (EUR) 57.5MB PSP RipKit, Gitaroo Man Lives (EUR) 725MB PSP RipKit, Gurumin (USA) 602MB PSP RipKit, Gurumin (USA) 661MB PSP RipKit, Legend Of The Dragon (USA) 123MB PSP RipKit, Legend Of The Dragon (USA) 400MB PSP RipKit, Lemmings (USA) 83.1MB PSP RipKit, Lemmings (USA) 116MB PSP RipKit, Lemmings (USA) 161MB PSP RipKit, Lumines 2 (USA) 235MB PSP RipKit, Naruto Narultimate Hero Portable (JAP) 257MB PSP RipKit, Naruto Narultimate Hero Portable (JAP) 290MB PSP RipKit, Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters (USA) 111MB PSP RipKit, and Ratchet And Clank: Size Matters (USA) 750MB PSP RipKit.