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Thread: DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed

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    DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed

    Sony announced at today's PlayStation Destination conference that the DualShock 3 controller has received a solid US release date. The controller is set to launch on April 15 at an MSRP of $54.99.

    To quote: We have more word from retailer conference Destination PlayStation: the DualShock 3--you know, that DualShock we've been waiting for since the PS3's launch--has gotten a US release date.

    Set to launch April 15th for $54.99, it's slated to coincide with the release of GT5 Prologue. Oh yes, feel those engines roar through your controller and make your SIXAXIS-wielding friends they're just playing a video game or something.

    [imglink=|DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed][/imglink]

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    teek20 Guest
    Had my DS3 since Dec 28th 2007 hehehehe

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    Mantagtj Guest
    To coin a phrase "IF AIN'T BROKE ...DONT FIX IT"
    Dual Shock 2? nah lets make it like the wii, whoever said that should've been fired

    "NOOOOOOO its a PS3, not a nintendo",
    oh well I wanted dual shock in the first place if you didn't guess. but no SONY don't listen to me do they LOL...

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    rottenrotten Guest
    When the launch in europe? Has been revealed?

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    Humpy Guest
    so the difference between sixaxis and dual shock is just the fact that one controller rumbles?

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    craig2k8 Guest
    lol.. and acts like a wii remote

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    MrFiRe Guest
    cool I wonder how many games will use Dual Shock

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Any news on a UK release yet??

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    Derek8588 Guest
    They should have made the dual shock 3 to begin with. I cant stand the sixaxis motion sensing stuff.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I never use the Sixaxis for its motion controls, like in Motorstorm a bike with motion steering was like a shit on wheels, and driving vehicles in COD3 made you feel like a retard waving about in the air.

    I dont own because of this but, they say that the controls on LAIR are a piece of crap too.. i mean if your gonna do a game that only lets you use motion controls then atleast make them useable and enjoyable not like your mum.

    The only game I own thats actually works well with the sixaxis is Super Rub A Dub and even thats limited because the slightest nudge makes the platform tilt all the way... ffs sort it out, how about some sensitivity slider controls for the settings or something.

    Sorry if im overdoing it, just been watching a load of Angry Video Game Nerd commentaries, lol.

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