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Thread: DualShock 3 US Release Date Revealed

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    duuuuuumb Guest
    i Prefer the six axis TBH, but i never really cared for dual shock, i would rather get a chair that supports DS.

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    Spencer88 Guest
    well living in Japan I have had my DS3 for awhile, and it works with a lot of games already( I am american and have a US model PS3), while I do not care for sixaxis, i think it is still to early to count it out. I think the right game designer just hasn't found that great idea yet..any way, the DS3 is great, it has a nice heavy feel to it and the battery life is just as good as the sixaxis if anyone is worried..I highly recommend it..

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    earrowood Guest
    i dont know why people made such a big deal about the rumble pack!

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    psychoasylum Guest
    I'll probably wait to pick one up when they drop to the same price as the regular SIXAXIS...I think by then those will drop off and be discontinued.

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    TEXLORD7 Guest
    finally i can get another one but this time here in america!!!! i cant wait for april 15th

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    aldostools Guest
    I couldn't wait till April 15th, so I imported one. The DS3 feels great... the SIXAXIS was too light for me. It works also with PS2 games that support vibration (on PS3 with BC).

    If you get the white DS3, just make sure that you get also the silicon cover for it... otherwise if few days you may find that your beloved DS3 have turned "beige" or "gray" :-)

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    Doughber Guest

    Thank god

    Iím glad they finally decided to make it.. I think that they should have never gotten rid of the rumble anyways. Every time I play I feel that something is just missing but soon that will all go a way I can't believe the price though.

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    mussa Guest
    i want to buy one dualshock.. it will work on my ps3 jap versin 2.10??

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    earcandy788 Guest
    Why don't you just buy one from ebay, £25. A bargain

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    tuvieja Guest
    Is it true that the Dual Shock 3 doesn't have much... "shock"? A friend of mine told me that the vibration was not very strong... nor even noticiable sometimes.... it's a very light vibe, much lighter than Dual Shock 2... is it true?

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