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Thread: Dualshock 3 Controller delayed in Europe!

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    triple7 Guest

    Dualshock 3 Controller delayed in Europe!

    According to toy shop Bartsmit, the highly anticipated Dualshock 3 controller won't be out in Europe until 1st July.

    If thats the case, then MGS4 fans may be extremely disappointed with the news, as the contender for game of the year is probably one of the best excuses to shell out for one.

    The controller offers rumble (for supported games) along with improved buttons and unit weight. It's been out in America and Japanese territories for a few months now and over 30 games support it already.

    For those desperate for one however, importing from the US or Japan seems to be the best option at the moment, and it isn't too expensive either.

    When we here a solid release date for Europe, you will be the first to know.

    [imglink=|Dualshock 3 Controller delayed in Europe!][/imglink]

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    player22 Guest
    As always we as Europeans are screwed... Always those delays, Importing seems to be the best solution...

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    SiZMiK Guest
    Sony really have been dragging this out. First it was because of the battery not lasting very long, now they have this sorted out and now more delays.

    I have been importing mine from yesasia. 30 delivered.

    You just know the UK price is going to be between 40-50.

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    greber Guest
    Us europeans nearly always wait the longest for game technology. no worries, i never particularly missed the rumble features of dualshock. I modded two of my ps2's controllers with cheap buzzers from maplin in place of the unbalanced weighted motors in each 'handle'. Multiplayer from then on was pretty cool since in two player I always knew when i shot whoever i was playing with

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    Caeser Guest
    What delays could there be? I mean, is the technology incompatible with the European design? Is it not street legal in germany? It's a controller for god's sake.

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    auronx Guest
    probably that sony wants no interruptions to the major ps3 hit metal gear solid 4 sales, then a few weeks later if the ds3 comes out customers will focus on it as a solo release in it itself... so itll sell even more instead of people buying both mgs4 and ds3.

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    NatureBoyPT Guest
    WTF?!! Well, us europeans always get Fed^ big time.

    I will get the DS 3, but the delay is stupid.

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    shotist Guest


    you can buy one from for like 5 dollars if you do their promotion things.

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    makk Guest
    When it was thought that they may not arrive here until September I just had to have one before then. So I ordered one from an reseller at the cost of 33 delivered, 2 days later a brand new usa dualchock 3 arrived on my doormat.

    I never really thought that I missed the rumble feature either but after using it, I quickly ordered another 2 controllers.

    GTA4 just doesn't feel the same without it now, & as for MGS4, it will be a must have. My advice is just import one. Today.

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    Gunner54 Guest
    I aint really botherd lol, i just orderd my Dualshock 3 off Amazon. Brand new. 35 Pound.

    Works well and i love that "rumble!" :P if only COD4 had a rumble feature on it.. but COD4 doesnt seem to have any Dualshock built into it.. oh well..

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