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    Drake's Fortune 160GB PlayStation 3 Bundle Caught in the Wild

    Engadget (linked above) writes: Hey, pal - remember that 160GB PS3 Drake's Fortune bundle we told you about back in August?

    Well thanks to the totally awesome skills of one intrepid reader, we now know that they're available for purchasing pleasure at your local Best Buy (and other spots, we like to imagine).

    From what we can tell based on that extremely blurry photo you see, the package will sell for a holiday-destroying $499.99, so you'd better hope grandma drops a big check on you this season. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I LOVED Drakes Fortune, most of the time teen rated games are very boring to me, but the story line in that game was riveting, it wasn't publisized good enough imo. I wonder if they'll be a sequel? The end of the game kind of hints it... but when?

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