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Thread: Does the PlayStation Network Offer Good Game Choice?

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    bulletproof Guest

    Does the PlayStation Network Offer Good Game Choice?

    I have been playing on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and downloading games there for a year now. The question I am asking myself: is it enough?

    In all honesty, no! I will admit that I have love for many of the games that I have downloaded, but where is the depth of games that Xbox Live Arcade has to offer. A few games that I am missing are Luxor 2, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Pac-Man: Championship Edition.

    I have loved the Luxor games since I fist played them and find it delightfully addictive. I picked it up along with Pac-Man CE on the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation disc. I simply do not understand why the PSN does not offer at least one of these great games. Further, where is UMK3? Sure many purists swear by MK2, but I have love for the run button and would love to try my skills against players worldwide.

    I am not going to say that the PSN lacks great titles, but I expect more. I find myself playing PAIN and it's expansions more than most of my disc-based games. However, it gets old faster than I like to admit. PAIN is also amazing in that my 8-year-old son and I can get lost in it for hours on end.

    I am glad to have Super Puzzle Fighter HD and Rampart to lose myself in. They are great classics that I have already spent quality time with them. If you ever get a chance to play Rampart head-to-head give it a try it is still amazing after all these years.

    I am a Sony guy true and through, but I feel let down whenever I head my Xbox loyal friends exclaim about the latest downloads. If Sony is to stay competitive with Microsoft, then they increase the number of games available and offer a larger variety of arcade classics. At least they have rolled out recent treats like Echochrome and Linger in Darkness, but I need more to satisfy my gaming hunger. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Ves Guest
    I have to agree with you, it sometimes feels lacking especially to every continent except North America.

    I think the PSN would bring a lot more revenue in if they had introduced the PSN cards globally. And with this extra money invested in better stuff for the Store.

    On the network side, I must say their doing well. Yes sometimes the download for a patch/update/demo takes long but it seems to be improving bit by bit.

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