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    Toucan Sam CJPC's Avatar
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    Excellent! No Problem at all, and enjoy!

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    I am going to guess that your linux partition is only 10gb large? If so, that would explain your small dump!

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    Well, if you got a 20gb ps3, your out of luck -> buy a bigger hdd

    If you have a 60gb ps3, reformat the PS3 HDD (in PS3 mode), set 10gb to PS3OS (so 50gb for linux)

    Will give you around 40gb for linux, when your done (alas, you need to reinstall linux!)

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    I have confirmed in another thread you can dump games using V 1.51. Yes it works, at first I thought it didn't. Then I checked a directory it was ripping to, and it was growing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labontecar43 View Post

    i have formatted my external hard drive to ext2. do you know what the command would be to dump a game to it? thanks.
    The magic word is SEARCH. If you searched the forums around you would be surprised to notice the answers are right there! still in any case you lazy enough to look around here's the guide: http://ps3.ps4news.com/

    or better yet, here's the command for it: dd if=/dev/cdrom of= /mnt/exthdd/ps3disc.iso
    Last edited by Desi; 02-10-2007 at 07:46 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by labontecar43 View Post
    I have been searching, but have found nothing that works, that is why I am here asking if anybody knows. As for that command I used it and it did not work. Does anybody know if it is because it is in EXT2 and not in EXT3?
    Correct. it's ext3 not ext2. to format the drive in ext3, this is the command you use:
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/xxx
    xxx= drive name
    & then dump your games using the command above


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