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    Disgaea 3 Trophy Patch Release Date, Old Saves Incompatible!

    Today an NISA News Letter came with the confirmation of the Disgaea 3 PS3 trophy patch release date and some sad news to those who have 200+ hours of gameplay...

    To quote: The Disgaea 3 Trophy patch will be available on the PSN on July 16th. There are more than 50 trophies you can accomplish! Since Disgaea 3 was developed without the trophy system, your saved data will not be usuable with this Trophy patch.

    So make certain you are prepared to give up your current save data in order to challenge yourself to collecting these trophies!

    Please read the press release for more details, and see the complete PS3 Trophy List (PDF).

    More PlayStation 3 News...

    well, luckly for me when i heard about this trophy patch some months ago i stopped playing DS3, hehe
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