XVISTAMAN2005 has discovered a method HERE which allows Retail PS3 console owners to install PS3 Debug Firmware on them... however, before considering attempting this PS3 "HDD Swap" be sure to read below.

Upon following the instructions your retail PS3 console will update to a partial Debug/Test console. Partial is stated because upon doing it the PS3 will possess what is pictured below, specifically non-functioning Debug options.

Debug PKG files won't install, port 1000 is open but you can't connect to it, and the PS3 no longer plays Blu-ray movies. Additionally, the Sony SELF Check disc does not show under game while inserted, however it shows under the other menus as only a "Data Disc" like all burned discs do on retail (not Debug/Test) PS3 consoles.

The good news is it's possible to update to a higher retail Firmware which restores the Blu-ray movie playback functionality, however, the bad news is some options seem to be missing in action initially.. for example, the resident PS3 Dev who tried this no longer has the Search for Media Servers options under Music and Video that should be there.

Upon further experimentation though, it was found that if you put the original HDD back in the PS3 and reformat it, your streaming options will come back again- nice indeed!

Finally, another resident PS3 Dev (who has an Infectus installed) plans to try a retail PS3 Firmware downgrade using this "HDD Swap" method, however, he doesn't advise anyone without an Infectus trying it as there is always the chance it will allow it (as it does the Debug Firmware) but brick the PS3 console in doing so.

More to come as it's available, hopefully later today!

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