Digital Reality Designer and Director of Publishing Balazs Horvath has announced today that SkyDrift is now live on PlayStation Network.

To quote: Skydrift combines the speed and intensity of air racing with the action of vehicular combat, and it just hit PSN!

Give it a shot - we think it's a unique, exciting racing title. In Skydrift, your task is simple: beat your opponents at all costs.

You can outmaneuver them on the course, or try to get the upper hand by deploying one of six different power-ups, from missiles and aerial mines to turbo boosts and repair kits. Your opponents will also be gunning for you and trying to take you down by any means necessary, so stay on your toes.

When developing the tracks for the game, we wanted to create courses that would be both visually compelling and offer players unique challenges. The exotic locations in Skydrift include a tropical paradise, a frozen glacial setting, and a sprawling mine area.

You can even race some of these tracks in a backward variant for an extra shot of variety. Skydrift also offers up eight different planes, each one controlling differently and catering to a different play style than the others. There are also 32 different skins that players can use to customize their plane, personalizing the experience even more.

One of the things that we hope people notice about Skydrift is the striking graphics engine. We created Skydrift using an all-new graphics engine. Utilizing a smooth framerate, detailed textures, and special lighting effects and motion blur techniques, Skydrift is a great-looking game that rivals and even bests some retail games.

We built Skydrift to be a fun, pick-up-and-play experience, and we really feel that we accomplished this goal. Skydrift moves fast and plays smoothly, with tight controls and a great graphics engine that rivals a full-blown retail console experience.

We're really proud of what we were able to achieve and can't wait to finally get the game in your hands. Skydrift will be available for download on the PlayStation Store - give it a shot and let us know what you think!

[imglink=|Digital Reality Announces SkyDrift is Now on PlayStation Network][/imglink]
[imglink=|Digital Reality Announces SkyDrift is Now on PlayStation Network][/imglink]
[imglink=|Digital Reality Announces SkyDrift is Now on PlayStation Network][/imglink]
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