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    PS3 Square Button Different os and otheros question

    hey all, after thinking about the possibilities of having a different OS installed on the ps3, primarily windows, a point was raised about windows not being PPC compatible, so what about OSX? i'm no fan of OSX but could it make our lives easier should we be able to run it? it is PPC right?

    which leads to my next thought (hoping CJPC might help on this please!!!) would a different OS be possible with a different otheros file? CJPC you are the only person i know who has put together a 'otheros' in SAK - brilliant btw, and i thought you might know where to start on this - or might be able to point me to a place to start myself.

    thanks for any feedback.. food for thought people, enjoy!!

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    Well, the otheros.bld is just a compressed linux bootloader, all the technical stuff is in the Cell ADDON CD, its all you need, has all the source code etc. That, and the IBM Cell SDK.

    As for porting OSX over, it has been discussed in another thread, needless to say, its not for the new user, it would take a dedicated coder, atleast a while to port it over.

    And technically, windows was in a PPC variant, NT 4 (or maybe 3.5), in which the Xbox 360 kernel is very loosley based off!

    Moved to Linux chat too!

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    hey CJPC - thanks for your quick reply - as i said just thinking out loud, seemed like a cool idea...

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    Glad it's in Linux chat.
    Anyways we shouldn't really focus on anything like that through the legitimate access way (OtherOS) It's degrading to use this as a full system when I can get it simpler and more efficiently on a $200 PC. We should focus on this post "hacked" PS3 when its true power will be unleashed.

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    good point hacked, i totally agree, i just thought that it may have been a different way of getting to the goal of a fully exploitable system. Would having osx on there allow a way around the xmb encryption (unintentionally of course), ie allow you to see the sony os better. mind you i'm sure someone has put their ps3 hard disk in every computer type imaginable and tried to read it...

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