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View Poll Results: Did you upgrade to PS3 Firmware 3.01?

42. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes I upgraded, and it's working fine!

    19 45.24%
  • Yes I upgraded, but I still am having the old issues.

    1 2.38%
  • Yes I upgraded, fixed old issues but have new ones.

    0 0%
  • No, I did not upgrade to PS3 Firmware 3.01 yet.

    22 52.38%
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  1. #11
    OGroteKoning Guest

    Uncharted and Firmware 3.00

    I have a theory. If you installed Uncharted after updating to FW 3.00, you would not have had any issues with it freezing.

    A friend of mine bought the game and installed before updating. His machine freezed after a minute or so. He gave me the game to try. I installed and finished the game without any freezes. (I will be returning the game after he begs long enough after updating to 3.01)

    Halfway through the game, I told him that I am at Chapter 11 and he was astounded. I told him to uninstall, delete all the savegames and then re-install. He refused and said he will wait for FW 3.01

    What do you think? Was I just lucky not to be affected or is there any merit in my statement and methodoligy?

  2. #12
    mactheripper Guest

    PS3 firmware upgrade

    I upgraded my PS3 which is the original 60 GB model, so that I could play Killzone 2. I haven't noticed anything wrong or out of the ordinary other than that I think its worth it. I still have the "other OS" option. I believe though depending on the model of PS3 that you have that that option isn't something that could ever be taken away.

  3. #13
    Transient Guest
    I upgraded to 3.01, but not for any particular reason. I guess I was sort of hoping they'd secretly add in an option to undo some of the visual changes that I don't like (eg. Friends List and larger font). Of course that wasn't the case -- oh well.

    Other than that, I wasn't having any problems with 3.00. As far as I can tell, 3.01 is also working fine. I have a launch 60GB model PS3.

    As for Uncharted, my friend who also has the same PS3 as me (we bought them at the same time) hasn't had any problems and he had recently started playing it all the way through to try and get a platinum. I'm not really sure what the magic combination is for problems, but he first played Uncharted through back when it was released and then just started playing again as of 3.00 (and now 3.01).

  4. #14
    Sylar Guest
    It's great but the same update as 3.0

  5. #15
    dadechico Guest
    it was required to play prototype and nfs shift so i just went with it.

  6. #16
    Setoku Guest
    did not update yet and dont plan to do so until they release a update that is worth updating

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