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Thread: Devil May Cry 4 on sale in early February

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    Devil May Cry 4 on sale in early February

    Activision, the local distributor of Capcom, has confirmed that Devil May Cry 4 will go on sale in Australia on February 7. The release will be simultaneous across PC ('Games for Windows'), PS3, and Xbox 360.

    While the release date has been perfectly coordinated, the same can not be said for the price. DMC4 will retail for $79.95 on PC, $99.95 on 360, and $109.95 on PS3 - a full ten smackers more.

    For Xbox 360 owners having trouble imagining how PS3 owners feel about this, take a look at the picture of Banjo Paterson on the $10 bill. The legendary poet's morbid despair will be felt across the land as he is unfairly whisked from gamers' wallets.

    This news joins a disturbing trend. We already know that GTA will cost more on PS3; each new price disparity announcement suggests the problem is systemic.

    But why is it so? One possibility is that Sony charges a higher licensing cost per unit sold than Microsoft. Another is that Blu-ray discs cost significantly more to manufacture than DVDs. Though as we've already established, most PS3 games don't even need the format's additional storage space.

    A telling example: Devil May Cry 4 itself. All the PS3 preview code Activision has sent us has been on DVD discs.

    Devil May Cry 4 has been rated 'M' by the OFLC, for 'moderate violence'.

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    PeiXePT Guest
    Price: $109.95 on PS3! DMC its a great game but i think this is just 2much for a game! If problem is the high license cost $ony will need to drop this now or else every1 will get this for PC or X360

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    hmm... very expensive price T.T

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