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Thread: Are Developers Ignoring the PS3 Screenshot Feature?

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    Starlight Guest

    Are Developers Ignoring the PS3 Screenshot Feature?

    How many times have you wished that you could capture a priceless gaming moment on your console and share it with friends?

    Sony finally included this feature last year as part of the PS3 firmware 2.50 update, but nine months later there isn't a single game that supports it... not even a PSN title!

    To quote: What is it that keeps game developers from giving us this small joy? Is it too difficult to implement? I'm no expert, but it seems to me like this is a feature that would be rather easy to implement, perhaps even after the game's release via a patch.

    Another thing that baffles me is why does this even have to be enabled in each individual game by the developer? Why can't it simply be a feature that lets you take a screenshot regardless of which game you're playing, or even while on the XMB or the PSN Store?

    You can take a PC screenshot in a game, while running an app, or simply on the desktop. Even the iPhone's screenshot feature works the same way. So what's stopping Sony from letting us do this regardless of which game we're playing?

    Do Sony and game developers think that not enough people want this feature? If they do, they couldn't be more wrong.

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    FluBBa Guest
    Noby Noby Boy does.

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    DrEmmettBrown Guest
    Wipeout can do this feature too but Sony should include it in the system software directly like for music in-game. Sony let the devs make how they want but there are lazy so they dont use them

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    Bebureiku Guest
    lol fail news

    HSG does also have this feature, since I've got like 3 SSs taken. It's underused, but some games use it. And I think Motorstorm also has this feature...

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    Daxbau Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bebureiku View Post
    And I think Motorstorm also has this feature...
    I can confirm that Motorstorm Pacific Rift supports it. I would love to see it in other games too. Maybe in this years fall lineup?

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    Phreakuency Guest
    Games like Afrika/Hakuna Matata and MGS feature in game cameras too which export the shots to the XMB.

    But I agree that many, many more games should add the feature!

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    toxsik Guest
    "Are Developers Ignoring the PS3 Screenshot Feature?"

    umm... yes, duh! and every other feature. i.e. custom tracks etc... until sony makes it mandatory for games to include all the features they have to offer, developers will continue being lazy and not putting them in. I mean look @ the trophies in the past, not until they made it mandatory did we really seen an improvement.

    So.... many good games would come out and no trophies for ps3 think about the economics today and think maybe they wanna save money not having man hours to develop these things... but when you look @ it, its so simple that they can be nothing else but just pure fkn' lazy.

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    I think sony should enable more multitasking. For example. music while you play your games and screenshots like you said. Even going on the web at the same time as playing your game. I'm pretty sure these features are possible but they should be sony's responsibility to include them regardless of the game and not letting the developers do the work.

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    toxsik Guest
    true sony could go that way too, unsure why they haven't yet...

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