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Thread: Dev: The PS3 hasn't been pushed to its limits yet!

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    Dev: The PS3 hasn't been pushed to its limits yet!

    Sean Decker, the General Manager of EA's DICE Studio has said that we are not starting to see the limits of the PS3's capabilities now and it will be a while until the PS3 is pushed to the edge.

    "Oh no. I've been around for two different console cycles now, this is my third one, and it's always the case that the first several years everybody's exploring the bounds of it, and it's not until several years down the road that you're able to squeeze every drop out of it." said the GM.

    To quote: He added: "Look at games like God of War. On the PS2 it looks brilliant. Try and do that game at the beginning of the PS2, wow, you would have such a hard time doing that. And the same thing's going to be true for this as well.

    Over the next several years on all the major platforms you're going to see all the developers squeezing every little bit out of it. It's going to be a while before you really push it to the edge."

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    I agree with the initial statement. No platform has seen it's full potential within it's first couple of years. Developers learn the "new" coding environment and get better results through time. Just look a the PS2 games available at launch and the ones available now. Same hardware, much better graphics!!

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