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    Details on PlayStation Home Audi Space, Arrives in December

    A new Audi space is set for a December release in PlayStation Home, and will include the "Vertical Run" mini-game.

    Within the game, apparently participants can drive the e-tron concept car through challenges and be rewarded by unlocking Audi apartments.

    To quote from Paultan.org: "The goal of Vertical Run is to beat the competition in a multiplayer challenge by collecting enough electrical energy and avoiding driving errors in the e-tron, in order to reach the highest possible speed.

    The best drivers in the Vertical Run game will be able to access special spaces around the world called "Audi apartments," though I'm not sure what exactly are in the apartments."

    Details are slim beyond that, but this would be the first time apartments are available to win in a mini-game and it sounds like thar will be a variety of apartments up for grabs.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Just out of curiosity does anybody even care about playstation home anymore? Personally I never found it all that interesting or necessary.

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    semitope Guest
    Playstation home is made of alll kinds of win. It has so much potential its crazy and it does a lot already. As long as it remains mostly free and continues to improve... they can be successful. At some point the XMB xould be replaced with home actually. Could be ps4 or even as early as ps3, or late as ps5 but it can happen.

    Its all down to sony not messing up or being irrelevant for too long..

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    saioke Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by D3M0N2009 View Post
    Just out of curiosity does anybody even care about playstation home anymore? Personally I never found it all that interesting or necessary.
    Well, the whole idea of Playstation Home is to provide a place to chat and meet new people and friends. think of it like IRC chat but with virtual avatars and other misc items. i never been fond of playstation home myself, but i do get on home when I'm bored and i have met 4-5 people from home who i now play games online with and have fun. home isn't for entertainment, even though sony tries to make it as entertaining as possible. not to mention home is free so who can argue with that. home is sessionally made for players to meet players.

    although one major complaint that i wish I'd see on home is moderation. i can't tell you how many times I've seen kids trash talking, flirting with virtuous women, etc.. Home needs a report player function to report those who are harassing and just plain causing trouble.

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