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    Not only will it ask but there are 2 warning screens. One when you copy the update to the Hard Drive and two when you are going to install the update. It tells you that you cant go back to a previous FW. So it wont update without you asking it too.

    Oh and you have to agree to the update TOS

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    Everytime a new update comes out I immediately download it and store it on a cd-rw. You never know when you might need a previous firmware or if you want to choose which version to upgrade too. I also heard something on one of these threads that PDX might have a way of down grading a FW, but havent heard much about it at all.


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    If there is a way to downgrade that would be awesome in so many ways for me. Since I stupidly updated to 1.54 I would love to have a long as it doesn't ask for a f'n GTA:LCS game lol. (A little PSP humor...)

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    What get's me excited about the ps3 running unsigned code is all the homebrew. Emu's like the N64, SNES, AMIGA, and my fav MAME pretty much running the entire libery at full speed with sound.

    Another emu Dosbox running pretty much all older PC games due to the the ps3 been the beast it is.

    I'm looking more forward to that then play iso's off the HDD.



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    Hopefully by Dday, the 1.54 will be tested and found acceptable for us that have already updated to present firmware. Regardless, it's only a matter of time. PSP Scene has taught me much patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djwhetzel View Post
    It doesn't work like that. Once a new update comes out, Sony removes any older update. If you try to update right now you'll end up with v1.54. The only way to get v1.51 onto your PS3 now, is to find the v1.51 update file and burn it to disc or put it on a memory stick or removable HDD.
    thanks for the info. I couldnt find 1.51 anywhere but at least I have 1.54 saved in case I need it.

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    would we have to play these paradox on .iso or could we save them to an external hd and play them on SAK

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    SAK 1.00 doesn't allow you to run games... until a loader is released, all you can do is wait.

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    Harrison revealed that retail units will come pre-installed with firmware version 1.5
    Looks like I was right then!

    Rejoice Europe! Loaders ahoy!!

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    Im hoping next week the 20th when the next batch of games are released the loader comes also so when the pal ps3 arrives we all can use just hope its as easy as the psp to install n set up

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