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    Registered User BlueWizard's Avatar
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    Sounds like great news to me, I too would love to hear more about what the loader can or can not do in its current form. Im looking forward to playing flow. Since I purchased it but have not upgraded.

    But any news right now would be good news, right NEWS-MAN ?

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    Agreed... any info besides more useless "D-Day Coming" messages is welcomed. We already went through all that weeks ago, so hopefully they will indeed start sharing some useful info in the next release.

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    The first was rls'd this morning, and the second was released about 2 hours ago.

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    as time draws near to the release who knows what will happen with in 2 weeks.. only paragods will know hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie666 View Post
    Right now I really want to know if I can update to a safe firmware
    as do we all.... only time will tell

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    Well it's now confirmed, no 3rd release with the coveted "NFO" file until first thing in the AM for anyone wondering.

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    Dying Here

    I've been at 1.32 for a while now and can't wait for some info. Let's hope we've got good news in store for ourselves!

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    hopefully we wake up to some good news

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    First thing AM

    Guess i'll be reading the groundbreaking news in the morning! Would it be that bad to release the NFO before I fall asleep?

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    PS3 Triangle Button

    It's not even written, that is why. The PDX guy who was supposed to do it got drunk (seriously) and said he's waiting until morning IN ALL CAPS lol


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