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Thread: Dead Space Extraction for PS3: Hands-on with PlayStation Move

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    Dead Space Extraction for PS3: Hands-on with PlayStation Move

    Sony Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Shuman has shared some PlayStation Move hands-on details today with Dead Space Extraction, as follows:

    Playing Dead Space: Extraction on PlayStation Move makes for a fine demonstration of the motion controller's precision and versatility.

    Aiming is quick and accurate with virtually no discernible lag: small, subtle movements of your wrists translate precisely on-screen, giving you the feeling of aiming with a computer mouse.

    One nice touch: twisting your wrist 90 degrees to the left or right will flip your Plasma Cutter's firing plane from horizontal to vertical, which can help you find the ideal angle for snipping off arms, legs, tentacles, and other protrusions of the vile Necromorphs. There are other weapons, of course, including a Rivet Gun and a Force Gun, and the "wrist twist" will activate their alternate fire modes as well.

    Using the PlayStation Move, you fire your current weapon with the T button (aka the trigger). Pressing the Move button activates a quick Telekinesis blast, which you can use to pick up ammo and items hidden throughout the environments - or use to hurl objects at the marauding Necromorphs.

    It's your choice! Melee attacks are gesture based: you press and hold Circle, then rapidly slash back and forth to fend off nearby Necromorphs. Melee isn't much use for inflicting damage, so think of it more as a way to dissuade nearby enemies.

    The game also looked extra sharp running in HD, with moody lighting effects and a rock-solid framerate. This build of Dead Space: Extraction primarily showed off the Challenge mode, a survival-type arena where players can battle ever-toughening hordes of Necromorph grotesqueries.

    Dead Space fans already know that strategically dismembering the Necromorphs is a valuable tactic, and this is doubly true in the Challenge mode if you want to beat your partner's score. Other details abound. Dead Space: Extraction will be compatible with the DualShock 3 controller (for you old-school types) and will also feature optional support for the PlayStation Move navigation controller, though it's not required.

    Dead Space: Extraction will ship on the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray disc on January 25th, and will be available separately as a PSN download. Once we land back in the States, we'll by syncing up with the Visceral Games team to get a deeper look at Dead Space: Extraction on the PS3 - including some luscious new video. Stay tuned!

    [imglink=|Dead Space Extraction for PS3: Hands-on with PlayStation Move][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Dead Space Extraction for PS3: Hands-on with PlayStation Move][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Dead Space Extraction for PS3: Hands-on with PlayStation Move][/imglink]
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    B4rtj4h Guest
    LOL... bye bye Wii

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    pasky Guest
    Oh snap. I never liked the Wii's motion controls, were never accurate for me. Oh well, I'll still prefer a mouse and keyboard to a gimmick motion controller any day.

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