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    Dead Rising 2: Psycho, Ninja, Sports, Soldier DLC Coming to PSN

    Senior Producer Josh Bridge has revealed today that Dead Rising 2: Psycho, Ninja, Sports, and Soldier DLC are all coming soon to PSN.

    To quote: As a huge zombie lover, I am really pumped to see us able to get Dead Rising series out to PS3 owners. Everyone deserves the right to slice a zombie in two!

    Developing the game for the PS3 was something that we started right at the beginning of our development process. We are not fans of porting, and wanted to be sure that we maximized the PS3's capabilities.

    Our development tools allow us to be platform agnostic while at the same time maximize the power of the Cell processor. The zombies are handled by the SPUs, allowing us to throw tons of them onscreen while still managing their movement and AI.

    We also have have lots of cool processing effects going, something that was also made possible by the PS3?s SPUs.

    We have tons of stuff to mess around with in Dead Rising 2, and having a huge amount of disc space to use really allowed us to get everything we wanted into the game. Installing the game definitely speeds up load times, something that made developing for the PS3 a great experience.

    We also have some cool DLC coming up that we got a kick out of making. We really liked the idea of customizing Chuck, so we came up with some ways to not only look different, but get some cool weapons and abilities.

    For example, the Psychopath theme pack not only gives you a crazed horror outfit, but you are stronger and deadlier with classic horror movie weapons like the chainsaw, cleavers, axes, and machetes. The Psychopath theme will hit the PlayStation Network on October 12th.

    We also have a Soldier of Fortune theme that decks you out as the ultimate action hero with increased deadliness for all firearms. Be sure to note the cool face paint - super 80?s action hero! The Soldier of Fortune pack due out on PSN a week later, October 19th.

    There is a Sports Fan pack that lets you be the ultimate sports party animal. Drink as much as you want and not get sick! You are also more deadly with any sporty weapons. e sure to gamble...'cause you will likely come out a winner more often. The Sports Fan pack will arrive on PSN October 26th - just before Halloween!

    And finally the Ninja theme....my personal fave. I love ninjas, and what better way to live out that fantasy than in a zombie-filled world? You are virtually undetectable to the undead and you are more deadly with swords and thrown weapons. You are a ninja, after all! The Ninja pack will hit PSN on November 2nd.

    I hope that fans of zombie killing will enjoy some of the new gruesome ways that you can dispatch of the undead coming soon to Dead Rising 2. It's great to finally be on the PS3 and to have the chance to spread the zombie infestation to an all new audience. Cheers!

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    MorporgX Guest
    Hell YEAH !!! Keep them coming

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    BigBossPW Guest
    Haha I love the soldier pack.

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