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Thread: Dead Nation Expands on PS3 with Road of Devastation DLC

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    Dead Nation Expands on PS3 with Road of Devastation DLC

    Today Housemarque Game Designer Petteri Putkonen has announced that Dead Nation is expanding on the PS3 console with the introduction of the Road of Devastation PlayStation 3 DLC!

    To quote: We hereby announce exciting news for Dead Nation players around the globe! We've been hard at work creating a new downloadable expansion called "Road of Devastation"!

    Before we say more, we'll take this moment to acknowledge an epic milestone in the number of zombies killed worldwide: over 11,700,000,000 - and counting!

    To put that number in perspective, that's more than 1.5 times the entire world's population of today (though the game takes place in the near future where Earth's population has grown much don't worry, there's still plenty of zombies left).

    Also, our worldwide recruit count has risen to over 3.8 million! We wish to humbly thank all the people who have supported the game.

    Now, onto Road of Devastation:

    From the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization has worked in the shadows, tampering with the human gene, modifying and improving upon it to create the perfect soldier, the ultimate zombie-killing machine - you! Continuing from the events where the original game left off (or, is it actually the other way around..., Road of Devastation will put your skills to the ultimate test.

    You'll find yourself waking up in a laboratory with only one way out. Outside the door you're presented with a choice - a crossroads leading to three different paths, each with their own unique environments, challenges and enemies waiting for you. If you manage to overcome the challenges, just when you think it's over, you'll make a startling revelation...

    In addition to the range of enemies and weapons you're already familiar with from the original game, Road of Devastation will present you with a variety of new tools and equipment to dispose of enemies with, while also introducing new enemies and obstacles you'll encounter in unique new environments.

    Stay tuned as we reveal more info and details on the blog soon. Keep up the fight, your country needs you!

    [imglink=|Dead Nation Expands on PS3 with Road of Devastation DLC][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Dead Nation Expands on PS3 with Road of Devastation DLC][/imglink]
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    Is this Free ?? I can't find it yet in the store...

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    The DLC isn't released nor is the Trophy-Set updated, so my 100% is still there. Of course I'm going to do this one, I really enjoyed that game.

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