[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3329558[/IMGW]What's David Jaffe up to these days? If Jaffe's hints are to be believed, the designer's establishing a studio of his own. The God of War and Calling All Cars mastermind pasted pictures from a busted up warehouse space last week under the tag of "coming soon," but has remained silent until today, where he mentioned he'd start talking about the mysterious space "very soon."

He did, however, confirm the pictures are from a location in Utah. Given Jaffe's past, this makes sense. Incognito, the studio currently working on the in-beta Warhawk and where Jaffe rocketed his design career with the Twisted Metal series, is headquartered in Utah. Jaffe's most recent collaboration with Incognito was over the PlayStation Network title Calling All Cars, which arrived online last month.

The idea of Jaffe going indie wouldn't be surprising; he revealed such a desire during a GameTrailers interview in April. "You never really know - Sony's been a great home for a long time and whether or not it's with an independent studio or staying within the walls of Sony, I always want to be able to contribute to Sony, but the specific way to get to that destination is under discussion right now," he said. "So whether or not that becomes a full fledged company or it becomes a more focused role within Sony, which is sort of all about these [downloadable] games is sort of TBD at the moment."

Looks like it might not be so TBD anymore, though.

During Calling All Cars' development, Jaffe often flew between his base camp in San Diego within Sony Computer Entertainment America and Incognito's digs in Salt Lake City, Utah. The relationship worked for Calling All Cars, so the idea of Jaffe experimenting with a similar back-and-forth for his next projects, confirmed to be PlayStation Network releases, sounds on-target.

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