Blow by blow, The 1UP Show, Gamevideos and 1UP present: Twenty Minutes Thirty-One Seconds and Fourteen Frames with David Jaffe.

On a recent visit to SCEA San Diego to see David Jaffe's Calling All Cars for The 1UP Show, after talking about calling all cars, the outspoken developer talked about the game industry, Sony's first party and concerns he has with all three of the platform holders strategies.

1UP: With God of War 2 finishing up on the PS2 and you readying God of War 3 for 2000-eternity...

David Jaffe: Heh, exactly.

1UP: Are you concerned with the perception of an exodus of third parties, you have VF5 going to the 360, potentially there's a bunch of other games going to the 360 as well.

DJ: There's two things. I'd be concerned if I heard that all of those were going to the 360 exclusively, but that's not what you're saying. You're saying there's a business model out there where these games are getting really expensive. A lot of games recently it's cell phone, PC, DS, PSP, if you look at EA they blanket it -- it's everywhere. As a gamer, I kind of miss the 'you can only get it on this system.' There's kind of an excitement that was about that back up until recently. With this new hardware, though, that idea is seems to be going away. Is it really all going to come down to first party now? Or it ultimately going to come to one system? 'Cause 10 years from now there's going to be one system because there's so much more third party software than first party software from any hardware manufacturer. It may not be feasible to make it the war of the first party or the war of the exclusives.

1UP: Are you guys internally worried as developers about the way Sony's handling their third party? You have developers like Activision working on the Tony Hawk game and before the PS3 launch they came out and said 'we don't know that we'll be able to do online because Sony hasn't been cooperative.' If Sony's not cooperating with third party developers, as a first party developer that's gotta be concerning.

DJ: Understandably, as their should be there is a very thick iron curtain between first party and third party. We're not allowed to see what they're working on or anything like that to make sure that there isn't osmosis where Activision would claim that we're using their ideas to make first party games. So this is coming sort of from just a guy who works at Sony and a guy who loves games and reads the message boards. I remember a lot of complaints about the PS2 at the very beginning and people got up to speed and ultimately realized that this is a very exciting platform to work on.

I don't really see any reason why the PS3 isn't going to go down that same road. What was it? The Dreamcast was out when PS3 [he meant PS2 - ed] launched. And everyone was like 'Oh the Dreamcast is a dream and it's so easy, blah blah.' Ultimately, it doesn't matter. It's about the games and about how Sony will support their third party partners as well as their first party partners to get those games out to people. I think ultimately we're going to see a somewhat similar situation there.

1UP: I see what you did there, you just Dreamcast'd the 360.

DJ: Well, wait a minute, I'm open to this, let's have this discussion...

How did the discussion turn out? Watch.

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