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    PS3 Square Button Datel PlayStation 3 Accessory Lineup Preview

    April 11, 2007 - Datel has been in the console accessory game for years, and will very shortly be jumping deeper into the new generation of consoles by launching a diverse lineup of accessories for the PlayStation 3.

    The PlayStation 3's backwards compatibility with the PS2 is a nice feature, and now that that odd aliasing problem has been sorted out with a firmware update the PS2 is begging to be put to pasture. Of course, PS2 memory cards can't simply plug into the PS3, and losing one's entire anthology of past saves is a real bummer.

    Datel's solution to this problem is the DataMAX, a small dongle that allows the PS3 to access the PS2's memory cards. Datel confirms the DataMAX will be compatible with all PS2 memory cards, including high-capacity 16, 32, and 64-MB third party models. An application CD (PC or PS3 is unclear) is included to aid in organizing copied files. MSRP will be $24.99.

    MAX Drive 160
    Five years ago, 20GB seemed like a lot of storage. These days it's more like a drop in the bucket. Even the 60GB premium PS3 isn't hard to overwhelm with videos and pictures, which puts a cramp on its functionality as a home media portal. Happily, the PS3 is a real sport when it comes to playing nicely with USB accessories, and Datel is out to take advantage of this fact with the MAX Drive 160.

    The 160GB USB external HDD is styled in PS3-ish black and is a simple plug-and-play solution for expanding the PS3's available HDD space. The MAX Drive will work just as well with any PC, allowing for simple file transfers and gamesave backups. MSRP will be $169.99.

    The PS3 has a number of PC-like capabilities, the least of which, but perhaps most commonly used, is its support for USB keyboards. Datel will be offering gamers the PowerBoard, a relatively straightforward USB keyboard styled in PS3-inspired black. A 10-foot cable should allow for some maneuverability, and the MSRP is a relatively painless $19.99.

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    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    almost didn't notice the keyboard in the last pic - one of the only way you can say "keyboard" and "hot" in the same sentence talking about a single picture!

    what's the big deal about the external HDD again? all you need is a FAT32 formatted drive to connect to the PS3 and it'll work just fine, am i right? expect to see that unit at 20% over the cost of buying your own 160GB external....

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    Yea lol what has a woman in a bra got to do with a Keyboard! That is advertising gone over the top!

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    Apart of the memory card adapter everything else is a generic stuff imported from China, MAX & PS3 stickers slapped on the top and utterly overpriced ...

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