According to GamesRadar, Dark Sector is an upcoming PS3 title... and a 20MB movie of it in action has been made available from their Web site HERE. To quote from the article: "Development unit Digital Extremes, previously responsible for Unreal Championship and Pariah, has released a stunning trailer of its next title Dark Sector, thought to be running on PlayStation 3-based hardware. Digital has not revealed much in the way of details regarding this title, other than it is set in space and features a high-tech stealth agent with supernatural powers. Oh, and that it's to appear on PC and next-gen consoles.

The downloadable trailer first appeared courtesy of American PSM magazine, suggesting the build running here is indeed the PS3 version - after all, it makes little sense for a PlayStation magazine to run a movie of X-Box 360 footage. There is currently no release date for Dark Sector, however we're hoping, nay praying, to see more footage and uncover further details on this when we fly over to LA for E3 next week."