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    Dangerous LittleBigPlanet 'Death' Glitch Discovered for PS3

    PS3Life reports that TS61TS61 posted video footage of a dangerous LittleBigPlanet glitch that will mess up the entire game.

    When you make a so called 'Wheel of Doom' you will constantly die, even when you go to your POD, and also when you reboot your PlayStation 3.

    Hopefully Media Molecule will bring a patch out soon. Check out the video below to see this glitch in action!

    To quote: DO NOT ATTEMPT! Apparently when you put a Wheel Of Doom in your level and make it spin at Max speed you get killed... all the time, even when you get out of the level!

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    They really need to fix this, glitches like this are unacceptable. you have to delete your savegame and start over.

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    Backup of game saves is your friend in such a case ...

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    If you just exit the game or turn off the ps3 right away do you think this would still happen?

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    Exclamation Little Big Planet Glitch

    This happened to me a few days ago. I turned the speed up to about 70 on the windmill so that it would be the tool thats launches you (us) up into the air on the level I was creating. I go to use it and my sackboy erratically begins bouncin up in the top of the screen and won't stop. No matter what I tried. (EVERYTHING!!!)

    So I start the game over and my sackboy begins to fall out of the tunnel in my ipod but won't fall to the ground because he is still erratically bouncing at the top of the screen. I manage to choose quick play but when I launch into the level my sackboy immediately dies four times due to the erratic bouncing within seconds and asks me to restart level or continue, with the erratic bouncing happening anywhere I go. I was not able to play anything.

    I had to erase my save file and start all over again losing everything. So No I am not very happy because this was just ridiculous and I lost hours and hours of time put into this game WORD OF ADVICE ...STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDMILL!!!!

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    Yes i also had this glitch happen to me, tried different things but in the end i had to delete my savegame as well

    Oh well, it's a wicked game anyway let's hope there aren't any more SERIOUS bugs present.

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    As long as I don't personally encounter a game where they have death-mill I suppose I should be safe from this. I do wish though, that there was a way to restore or recover your data if something happened to it.

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    when i play this game my screen freezes sometimes.. is my ps3 deteriorating?

    i can't understand it.. other games are playing ok, but i've experienced some games just boot up then go back to xmb screen

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    i hope this never happens to me because i am so close to getting my 150 games played to get my platinum trophy. until now i haven't even heard of this, but i will be on the look out! thanks

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    death glitch

    i was going to do the death glitch because my friends said it was cool but now that i know you will still die after you quit it im not going to do it. because it will mess up the 100 mb memory i have left on my ps3. i use the memory a lot. does the little big planet death glitch effect your other game saves?

    i think that rumor about the firmware update 2.7 could fix the death glitch if it comes out. but if it dosent come out you could always look up on this web site or google how to fix the death glitch.

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