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    Customizing Media Server's icon on PS3's XMB

    Hey.. well its my first post, hi all!

    i bought my ps3 not too long ago, and stright after wanted to understand how to stream information from the pc to the ps3. now i dont need to explain how to do that. im using nero mediahome in order to stream to the ps3, have its negative aspects to stream stuff like videos to the ps3.. but lets leave it aside for a moment.

    anyways.. what youll need to get is a program called resource hacker, get it here.

    now.. i must warn you before you do any alterings, you may screw up the .exe file of the server, so do it at your own risk, although it should automaticlly backup the file.. now anyways, lets talk business!

    1. open up task manager, make sure NMediaServer.exe doesn't work. Either stop your server or just right click and kill the process.

    2. Lunch Resource Hacker, open up the file NMediaServer.exe which is located under your nero installation dir for example:
    c:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Nero MediaHome\NMediaServer.exe

    3. Let's just briefly say you edit attirbutes of the .exe file right now. On the left you'll have a tree of folders similar to windows explorer. Open up the JPEG>208>1033 item, right click 1033 then click "Replace a resource...". In the new window click on the "Open file with new resource button" and pick your JPEG.

    4. I dont know if there are any limits on the size/colors of the JPEG etc, i didnt play with too much, shouldnt be a problem anyways, just skew your image to a normal size and you should be fine.

    5. Click file>save. Lunch your media home server again, reconnet.. and VOILA..

    Should work with other media server applications as well, like media player on vista (dont know what icon its bringing up). For those of you who arent familiar with it, its a cool program lets you customize alot of things to your way.
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    Does this stream up xvid properly? I mean unlike TVERSITY?

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    i was able to stream xvid if i aint mistaken.. wasnt sure if it was divx or xvid.. my main problem with video streaming is that you cant move forward/backward in the film nor even pause it! after you started it there is no going back, only "stop" button, which is pretty annoying..

    i think it happens as it invisibly transcodes the video "behind the curtains", but still... cant you pause the transcode process as well? pretty annoying, i hope they fix it.

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    Actually Xvid are playable through TVersity... Its just a matter of codecs on your computer. I think K-lite mega pack latest update works, but that's not the one I use. Can't remember the name Im not on my own computer.

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