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Thread: Crytek Seeking PlayStation 3 Programmer

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    Takavach Guest

    Crytek Seeking PlayStation 3 Programmer

    Crytek is officially hiring for the PlayStation 3, prompting more speculation (from us) that its hi-tech PC shooter Crysis is heading to console in some form.

    A job ad that's appeard on the Germans dev's Web site is advertising for a PS3 console programmer to develop "Next-Generation GameFramework based on CryEngine 2.0".

    The applicant must have fives-plus or more years C++ experience and have shipped "at least 1 title for Nintendo GameCube, PS2 or XBOX or simultaneously." What if I've actually made two PS3 games then, is that not good enough to be a PS3 programmer?

    The position doesn't come as too much of a surprise as Crytek's already gone on the record saying all of its future titles will be multiplatform from now on.

    With that considered, this is probably a move to make CryEngine 2 work on consoles - but we'd still like to see Crysis on PS3, if only so we can run it.

    The full job specs follow if you fancy your chances.


    Shipped at least 1 title for Nintendo GameCube, PS2 or XBOX or simultaneously
    5 or more years C++ object oriented experience
    Strong 3D math and graphics background
    Ability and desire to innovate, contribute and polish all aspects of a game
    Experience with next generation cross-platform development
    Experience working with all major aspects of a game engine
    Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
    Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    Passion for making video games


    Gdb debugging knowledge
    Experience with low-level programming
    Experience with multi-threaded engine design, system design
    Power PC assembler experience
    Linux toolchain experience


    Development of a Next-Generation GameFramework based on CryEngine 2.0
    Work on various aspects of porting to engine code to PS3 and creating solutions to get the utmost out of the PS3
    Cross platform code development
    Create and maintain documentation
    Complete all tasks in a timely manner and to a consistent high quality standard More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kujiraldine Guest
    As far as I know, the RSX is not that powerful for a game like crysis. I wonder how the crytek team will work with the cell. After all, they'll work on it for the first time...

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