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Thread: Criterion Games dates Burnout Bikes... and it's NEXT WEEK!

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    wicked insanity Guest

    Criterion Games dates Burnout Bikes... and it's NEXT WEEK!

    We're finally able to announce that our latest free downloadable Burnout pack bikes will be out 18th of September!!!

    It's tough to give specific dates on downloadable content, because we donít know for certain until the last minute. But hey, we're really excited about bringing bikes to Burnout, so we're going to take a chance and tell you that we're aiming for September 18 - that's this coming Thursday!

    If you missed our earlier posts, here's what's coming:

    - Pick from 2 motorcycles featuring male or female characters and start on a whole new progression to earn your Bike License.
    - 38 new against-the-clock race events - Burning Ride and Midnight Ride.
    - A brand new in-game 24 hr day / night cycle that impacts traffic density and available events. (It's fully customisable - you can make it day/night/change the clock speed - it's up to you.)
    - Dynamic weather brings an all-new look to Paradise City
    - And if that's not enough, we've got 70 more Freeburn Challenges too

    Freeburn is Burnoutís uninterrupted drop-in / drop-out online play. Itís a cool collaborative experience, so it's all about hanging out with your friends, messing around in vehicles while racing, pulling tricks and crashing in a massive open world city.

    If 350 fun, co-operative challenges arenít enough to keep you and your friends occupied, the Bike Pack throws a further 70 to the mix. These bike-exclusive challenges are split 50:50 between regular challenges and timed, against-the-clock challenges for those that enjoy a little more intensity.

    We've got more detail on bikes in our latest video podcast - Crash TV. You can see it now on iTunes.

    Next week, we're talking trophies. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    RogueFighter Guest
    This looks awesome, but does it mean that your overall percentage completion will go down?! or will it have a separate completion percentage along with the separate license?

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