Seems that Sony's not only trying to compete with Xbox Live and Nintendo's similar services, but also with Apple's iTunes. The news of the day is that the PS3 will be able to hook up to your cellphone and you surely know that this is just another reason for those PSP Phone rumors to resurface. We're already loving the Remote Play functionality featured on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 and we guess that it can be expanded in order to allow the next-gen gaming device to connect to many other gadgets.

Linking a PS3 to a mobile phone means hardcore media streaming and maybe a chance to take screenshots and capture videos from the games you play, plus some neat content management of your saves and files. We'll see this new feature being launched by April 2008, probably with the aid of a brand new firmware. I'm curios to see if the connectivity option is only available for Sony's phones, or we'll be able to hook up iPhones to our beloved consoles.

Can you read into the future and really figure out what such a feature means? Here's a couple of high-tech lucky guesses (even reaching sci-fi levels at times):

* We'll play games using our Sony Ericsson phones as joysticks, maybe even taking advantage of their vibration function and accelerometer

* In case you're hooking up a phone with a pretty big storage space to the console, you'll be able to transfer your saves or even copy demos on the next-gen device

* Maybe the streaming process will be able to work in reverse, allowing us to check out YouTube content on the PS3

* Guess what? Connecting a phone that has a QWERTY keypad to your PS3 means that you'll be able to type messages faster and sometimes even pretend that you're playing a PC game

Speculations aside, there's still a long road ahead of us and some serious waiting time before the novelty kicks in, so let's enjoy the Remote Play for now and hope for the best.

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