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Thread: Confirmed: PlayStation Home Invites Are Going Out!

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    Confirmed: PlayStation Home Invites Are Going Out!

    Update: According to Play3-Live|, two of the main PS Home functions promised since launch may be withdrawn for security reasons... namely, sharing content from your hard drive and music between friends.

    It appears the rumor is now confirmed as legitimate, so those who downloaded the PlayStation Home PS3 Theme may wish to check your e-mail inbox!

    We’ve been informed that PlayStation Home invites are going out. Yes, invites to the extended private BETA that was promised back in early August. An excerpt from the invitation message:

    "Thank you for downloading the PLAYSTATION®Home Theme! You have been selected to help beta test the next phase of PlayStation®Home’s evolution.

    As a Beta Tester, you will be expected to help shape the PLAYSTATION®Home experience by providing feedback and submitting to us any issues you may find. We appreciate your help in making the PLAYSTATION®Home experience the best it can be!"

    If you weren’t fortunate enough to receive an email, the latest word is that invites are apparently being sent out on a weekly basis, so there’s still a glimmer of hope left. Good luck to all who are still eagerly waiting! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SkyScraper94 Guest
    Theme downloaded. Now wait for a mail from Sony?

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    I'm not sure if there is a deadline to the US one... the Japanese one had a deadline of August 11th to download the theme in order to be qualified for a potential invitation (but it also started before the US one).

    I don't see any expiry notice on their announcement (below) though, so maybe there isn't one for the US one

    Also, I imagine you will have to be logged into your PSN account and download the US PS Home Theme so they know who you are.

    While you can grab it from the PS3 Themes Forum to install, how would they know who did it unless it tells them the next time you go online etc.

    I don't go online with my PS3 at all, so if someone who got accepted or knows more can reply to clarify that would be appreciated.

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    SkyScraper94 Guest
    I have download the theme from PSS, when i download the file, in the TV appears a window : Activation... after i download another theme and with the second theme isn't appear the same window...

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    wormie123 Guest
    If your in the UK and have downloaded it off the US store does it count me out because I am in the UK?

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    The picture in the news article shows one via Gmail, so I'd say regular email vs the PS3 inbox...

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    IglooBoy Guest
    downloaded theme day it came out..

    no invite as of yet

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    xboxmods Guest
    same here, no invite yet, i'm assuming they picked users who play a large variety of games, and often. Which is probably why i wasn't selected for it.

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