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    Apr 2005

    Confirmed - Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo out today!

    Sony's semi-official blog ThreeSpeech has confirmed that a few very lucky people have indeed been chosen at random to play the demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

    The demo contains 1 playable track, single player, TWO player splitscreen and is available in offline play mode only.

    To quote: Donít forget to check your e-mail today, because you could be one of the lucky lucky people who got chosen at random to download the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift demo. Hereís what youíll have access to:

    Demo content:

    * 1 playable track (íRaingod Spiresí)
    * Single player & 2-player split-screen
    * Offline play only

    Have you got the demo yet? Have you played it yet? Whatís it like? The demo will be available to everyone next month, so if you didnít get lucky this time, thereís always that to look forward too... More PlayStation 3 News...

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    wormie123 Guest
    I have the demo well downloading it now will let u all know on 6% so far lol

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    savov Guest
    Too bad its singleplayer only But anyway... im download it now

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    wicked insanity Guest
    So for those of us who have played, its time to face the inevitable, What do you think of it??

    Well, I think that given only 3 vehicles (bike, racing truck and monster truck), and 1 race which is also only 2 laps it wasn't very much of a demo. Although with the content given what i played felt good. The swings aound your vehicle on its own when negotiating a corner which is wierd at first but it becomes helpful once you learn to deal with it. The 3 classes are all good and each have their own pros and cons as one would expect. Personally I performed best in the racing truck although even then I only managed to score 8th. The only problem I have is the crashes which is really what MS PR is all about. The ragdoll physics are pretty neat and the vehicles explode well but it takes too much effort/damage to make them explode. And when in the air you just kinda fall for ages not doing much, the adrenaline from the first is missing...

    The new location fits the game well although I didn't get to play any of the lava of water features they so much try to market, i dunno why??

    The soundtrack is still good and I was impressed by the visuals the game played out. Over all, not the longest of demos but it looks like the game is going to be great, as expected.

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    kenshiroz86 Guest
    I've been chosen for the demo, and I'm downloading it right now, but the server is very slow !! Too bad

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    I've just had an email with my download code, but unfortunately it only arrived today, and expired yesterday!!! (bloomin typical!) - Still i'll try it anyway and see if it still works!

    Just a quick update on my previous post - anyone who thinks their code has expired due to the expiry date shown on the email - ignore it, seems to work anyway!

    Sweet - downloading now! will try it out later (after a few beers!)

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