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    Apr 2005

    Confirmed: MAG PS3 BETA to Hit Both North America and Europe

    MAG Franchise Producer Shijima previously stated that MAG's beta would only be available to Europeans.

    However, thanks to clarification from SCEA representative AbigaleSS non-European PS3 owners have reason to be relieved, as follows:

    Apparently, the post was worded incorrectly. It was most likely meant to say "tested by the Beta Trial community only, in Europe."

    AbigaleSS from the official PlayStation forums had this to say regarding Shijima's post:

    "I just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings about Shijima's post on the European forum. His comments were directed to his community and it is a mistake to think that the Beta will only be comprised of Europeans.

    We will be releasing more information on the Beta for MAG in the future, but we can confirm that it will include users from North America. I know some of you already assumed that but I wanted to make sure you had the official word on it."

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    semitope Guest
    Hope you will inform us when and where the beta goes on would love to get in it.

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    sharks Guest
    i doubt it will free or easy to get in, but i really hope i'm wrong!

    to get in the uncharted multiplayer beta, you need to pre-order infamous, so i think that sony will do same for the beta codes for MAG, meaning any ps3 exclusive (or not) game will need to be pre-ordered or bought, having a release date prior to the start of beta testing.

    however, i think that due to the sheer number of players required (256 on a single map!) MAG developers will need to make it easier for PS3 online players to get in.

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    doughboy2008 Guest
    I think it will be quite easy to get in considering each game requires 256 players.

    I think all your going to need to do to get into the beta is show some interest on psn forums.

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