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    Confirmed: Killzone 2 DLC for PS3 Will Not be Free After All

    The Web site that originally reported on the upcoming Killzone 2 map pack being a free download, has corrected its story.

    The news item now says Sony Computer Entertainment contacted, stating the DLC will in fact NOT be free, but will cost a still unknown amount of money.

    This one IS confirmed by Sony, so alas, no free DLC for Killzone 2.

    To quote, roughly translated: Update, April 14 10:32: Sony Computer Entertainment has indicated that the extension will not be free to download, but an unknown amount will cost.

    Indicates that the DLC would be free, as mentioned earlier was not from Sony and is not correct.

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    For those who don't know: DLC= Downloadable Content

    It seems like Sony can't give anything out for free anymore.
    Its 2 maps for geez sake, don't be so cheap!!!!

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