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    Confirmed: God of War III Live Stage Demonstration at E3 2009

    We have just received confirmation that there will be a public demonstration of Sony's upcoming God of War III at E3 2009.

    The exact details are not yet clear, but the level that will be shown at E3 is the same one that has been presented to the press earlier, however, it will be an updated version.

    The game will be demoed live on stage for the first time as expected, the release date will be revealed and we'll get to see a lot more details on the game.

    Finally, HD Direct capture videos and new God of War III screenshots will also be made available at that time.

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    will God of War for the ps3 too or just for the ps2 and psp ?

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    For the PlayStation 3.. that is why the news article is in the PS3 section.

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    any time and day details?

    any sites who are streaming some content?

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