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Thread: Confirmed: God Of War 3 Hits March 2010 for PlayStation 3

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    Confirmed: God Of War 3 Hits March 2010 for PlayStation 3

    Gamestop sources have unveiled an e-mail sent to them by Sony that state March 2010 is the current (estimated) release date for God Of War 3 for the PS3.

    This may come to many as a disappointment, but not for me. I see this as extra time for Sony to polish up a great title that is already looking outstanding from the few trailers out so far.

    I see this a better opportunity for us gamers to get the full experience from a game; there already is a bunch of great Sony titles coming out in 09 and not to mention the multiplatform titles as well.

    I like buying all hot titles on launch day even if I haven't beat the previous game played, its just in my nature. I will give the newer games a test run, but quickly return to my previous game to finish it. I don't like doing it like that, so its good to see space between all these titles to be released in 09.

    On a side note, Killzone 2 sets off the PS3 for 2009, just as GoW 3 will set it off in 2010. Killzone 2 has jumped from sales rank of 40th to 7th to 1st on overal video game sales which according to amazon represents a 1900% increase.

    The Increase percentage from 2nd to 1st shows at as 600% increase. It has even bested the likes of Wii Fit, yesterday it was in second place, and I wouldn't be surprised if it took the number one spot!

    This is indeed a great success for Killzone 2, especially considering that Wii Fit should have had the advantage since it was out longer and always was on demand.

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    gsmaggiore Guest
    I don't know if this is good or not but games like god of war 3, killzone 2 and FFXIII were said to make 2009 a ps3 year and now two of them are delayed until 2010. I agree that delays are made in order to perfect a game's experience and that's good.

    I just hope this whole thing doesn't keep up with other hot games that are expected in 2009.

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    Bad06SS Guest
    I'm ok with this. Besides, Uncharted 2 will be out this fall, so I'll have somthing to play through the winter. Also, isn't GT5 supposed to be out around Christmas?

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    gujupmp88 Guest
    fine with me, have enough games to keep me occupied

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