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    Confirmed: BioShock on PS3 has 5GB, 10-Minute HDD Install

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    Update: Just like the original BioShock, today Examiner.com has confirmed that BioShock 2 also includes a 5GB PS3 HDD installation, and will arrive in North America on February 9, 2010.

    The PS3 version of BioShock has a 5GB mandatory install that takes a little over 10 minutes to complete.

    While the game’s trundling onto your hard drive, your TV shows your Rapture ads and plays a little piano music.

    The game was rumored to have a sizable install after the BBFC rated the game back in July, but 2K commented at the time that it was likely to have an install of "around 5 or 6 minutes" at most, according to this DarkZero report.

    The news comes from the new Eurogamer playtest.

    BioShock releases for PS3 on October 24, 2008. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Considering they aren't supposably adding much to the game (Not evening polishing the graphics better than the 360 ) They still include a joke of an install?

    I'll just stick to my pc version thank you very much It looks the best

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    I dont really get why PS3 has mandatory installs.

    after all, Bioshock works great on Xbox360. and it doesn't even have the option of using a High Density disk to add more data. Is this due to the type of ram the PS3 uses?

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    why you need to install a game on ps3? so what's the point having an expensive blu-ray disc that not gonna be load up again after an installation? luckly i got my pc strapped up with bioshock which i think even better than this version.

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    Ah, I'm starting to feel bad that I didn't wait for the 160GB version. Oh well, I hope this game is as good as people claimed (I didn't get to try it due to my older computer).


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