According to reports, owners of Condemned 2 on the PS3 are reporting that the game's audio seems to snap or drop out during the game, particularly within the first level.

Sega has responded by saying that it is investaging the issue but indicates using a regular AV cable instead of a HDMI cable should work as a quick fix for the time being.

To quote: According to a post on Sega's forums, Sega is currently investigating the cause of the problem, but suggests that using a standard AV cable, instead of an HDMI cable, should fix things in the mean time.

The audio is an integral part of Condemned 2's gloomy and creepy atmosphere. Having it drop out every thirty seconds, as some reports claim is happening with the PS3 version, would all but ruin the immersion and experience.

Hopefully Sega will release a patch to solve the problem soon.

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