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Thread: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Demo on PSN

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    Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Demo on PSN

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Senior Development Director David Seeholzer announced that the Ultimate Edition Demo hit PSN today.

    To quote: I'm excited to let you know that our single player demo for the Ultimate Edition is available over at the PlayStation Store right now! So go start your downloads...go ahead, I'll still be here when you get back

    The demo contains 2 campaign missions and a tutorial that will get you accustomed to playing RA3 on your PS3. The first campaign mission comes from the Soviet campaign; mission "Krasna 45," the second mission of the Soviet campaign, which we recommend you play first.

    You are sent in to reclaim a derelict soviet base in order to intercept an Empire of the Rising Sun force en route to Moscow.

    [viddler id=bbc2dbac&w=437&h=288]

    The other mission is "Heidelberg,"the third mission in the Allied campaign, which we recommend you play second overall. In Heidelberg, the Soviets have been pushed back to their headquarters and players will need to turn the tide of the battle by sneaking into their base, forcing them all the way back to Siberia. Both these missions feature co-op gameplay with an A.I. co-commander who will support you as well as follow your orders.

    As I mentioned before, the demo will also include a tutorial to get you familiar commanding your army, utilizing the CommandStick 2.0 User Interface, and how to boss your co-commander around. Feel free to let us know how you're doing with the controls either in the comments section here or in the forums at our website.

    We feel it's definitely something you can pick up and learn quickly, and that in time, some of you may even become quicker with the SIXAXIS than you would be on the PC with a keyboard and mouse - we have a few of those guys on our team here in Los Angeles - hopefully you won't run into them in multiplayer!

    We hope you enjoy playing the demo this weekend. We're shipping to stores next week, so you'll get the chance to play through the entire 27-mission co-op campaign with a buddy over PSN, along with skirmish and multiplayer in just a few days.

    Red Alert 3 is all about having fun with your friends, and we think you will have a blast playing both cooperatively and competitively over PSN. Who knows, maybe you'll even stumble across some of us at EALA out there somewhere. See you on the battlefield!
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    GZA1984 Guest
    While I'm glad it made it to the PS3, I'm a bit dissapointed. The game looks great and the controls are far better then I expected, but what's up with the shadows (It's like a dynamic bug) and the heavy screen tearing? Screen tearing shouldn't be allowed in games. Especially not on the PS3.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Wink RA3 Multiplayer FTW!

    I live in Europe and it's not on the PS Store... I'm waiting so much for this demo! I have this game on PC (Yeah Yeah... ) but If the console games is good I'm really really excited over some long nights over on PSN Battlefield!

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    internetfloozy Guest
    I was a big fan of red alert games and was excited to know this made it to the PS3.

    I grabbed it for PC the other day to get the feel back and to see if I should stick to PC or go PS3... I guess i will find out with the demo.

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