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    Coming to PSN Tuesday: Sports Champions Haunted PS3 DLC

    Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Producer Jeremy Ray has revealed today that Sports Champions Haunted PS3 DLC is coming to PSN this Tuesday.

    To quote: Let me bring you back in time to E3 2009, where we debuted a little tech demo for a brand new motion control platform, later to become what we now all know and love as the PlayStation Move.

    In the tech demo you could sword fight with a skeleton (anyone remember tickling the skeleton's chin with the sword blade?), use dual handed throwing stars, and shoot arrows at an endless parade of skeletons. Most of the mechanics in the demo were the basis of a title that was, at the time, only a work in progress, but would become Sports Champions.

    Well, our skeletons have finally been let out of the closet again with a brand new Sports Champions DLC pack called the Haunted Pack, available for sale through the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, October 5 for $4.99. The new content includes three new frightful characters that are playable in all six events, as well as new spooky equipment for each of the sports.

    New Characters:

    - Specter
    - Deadmund
    - Numbskull

    New Equipment:

    - Disc Golf - Phantom Disc Set
    - Bocce - Skull Bocce Set
    - Table Tennis - Phantom Paddle
    - Gladiator Duel - Skeleton Sword and Shield
    - Archery - Skull Bow
    - Beach Volleyball - Skull Ball

    I dare you to play a round of Disc Golf with Specter and not laugh. Also, for those wanting the easy way out, there will be an Unlock All DLC added the same day as the Haunted Pack. Please be sure to watch for more Sports Champions DLC in the months to come. Enjoy!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    greenito Guest
    looks awesome... hope they bring DLCs for start the party too..

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    joeschmei Guest

    Thumbs Down

    Not the right direction if you ask me, they should concentrate on a more adult aspect than kiddy monsters etc.

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